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Artist Statement

The creation of a new sculpture is my way of dealing with fascinating experiences and rediscovering myself.

The Asian cultures are an important source of inspiration for me. During my artistic work I often pick themes, symbols and objects of distant cultures and give them a new and modern look. It is important to me that their original meaning is preserved and thus their history is not deprived. Thematic contrasts and similarities drive my creativity, which I then try to visualize in my sculptures. Therefore I begin with a block of polystyrene out of which I carve, saw and sandpaper the figure based on my inspiration. After this artistic and challenging process I cover the prototype with fiberglass until it reaches its final shape. Experimenting with different materials and shapes, colors and finishes plays an important role in my artistic activity. I try to merge these components into an overall composition which to me has a fascinating effect.

Hands especially fascinate me. They can be shown in various postures and sometimes even have a symbolic character. Therefore I use their communicative impact to give my sculptures aura and expression.

The process of conceptualization does not end until the completion of the sculpture. Thus the processing of a topic developpes parallel to the emergence of the work. The sculpture is only completed when its expressiveness exceeds my expectations.

As a result creating art is my greatest passion and allows me to express my fantasy.
- Nikolai Winter 


Already as a young boy art fascinated Nikolai in all its different facets. With 12 years he modeles his first Niki de Saint Phalle imitation. After creating several sculptures in which the influence of Niki de Saint Phalle stays visible Nikolai realizes his first own creation in 2004. In the following years he gets to know many production methods and materials in a mainly autodidactic way which allows him to realize a variety of sculptures.

He sells his first sculpture to a Swedish art collector in 2005 and in the same year has the chance to participate at a school program for gifted pupils. Subject of this challenge is to optimize a tripod design chair for mass production. During his final year at high school Nikolai engrosses his knowledge in cubism and presents in the context of his high school diploma the sculpture "Rusty".

In the summer of 2006 he attends an art competition organized by the Lyceum Alpinum Zouz. Artists of the best art academies from Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland are invited to produce one sculpture each within five days, which were then sold by Sotheby's at an auction in St. Moritz. Nikolai successfully sells his work to Nationale Suisse, an insurance company of Switzerland.

At the same time his fascination for hands comes up and he realizes "La Main", which is bought by an art dealer and collector from Zurich. In spring 2007, Nikolai starts his first larger project producing 15 Buddha hands. Accordingly he is requested to creat a special hand for Saint Germain Club in Zurich in spring 2008. His aim is to reflect the nightclubs message in his new artwork, which is sexy and provocative, yet elegant! Continuing his studies on hands Nikolai is inspired by the Terra Cotta Army in China and creates a larger group of hands which he presents at his first solo exhibition in Berlin Mitte in 2010.

At the same time he got an order by Rolf Sachs to design a new mirror ball for the famous Dracula Club in St. Moritz. Nikolai has the idea to create a huge mirror plated garlic. In summer 2010 Nikolai finishes his most challenging project. Inspired by Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha he transforms an old Rolls Royce Corniche into a Buddha. Luxury goods and consumerism become Nikolai’s main research topic out of which several sculptures result.

2011 Group show “Sculptures Al Fresco at Great Fosters”, Marcelle Joseph
Projects, Egham, Surrey, UK
2011 Solo exhibiton “Golf & Art”, Kulm Golf Course, St. Moritz, Switzerland
2011 Solo exhibition “Luxury Goods”, MONDEJAR GALLERY, Zürich, Switzerland
2011 Group show “fast&steady”, Marcelle Joseph Projects, Shoreditch, London, UK
2010 Solo exhibition “Abhaya”, Appel Gallery, Berlin Mitte, Germany
2009 Permanent Installation of “Tungsten”, Saint Germain, Zurich, Switzerland
2008 Solo exhibition “Saint Germain”, Zurich, Switzerland
2007 Solo exhibition “Asian Hands”, Oberwil, Switzerland
2007 - 2010 University of St. Gallen, Bachelor in Business Administration
2003 - 2006 High School of Oberwil BL, Major in Mathematics and Physics
Artistic Education / Experiences
2006 2. Major in architecture, High School
2006 ART Atelier, Forum Alpinum, Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz
2005 – 2006 Talent fostering program in design, High School


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