Grunz   Gemperle


The German–Swiss artist duo started working together on art projects in 2008. After their first exhibition in 2010 (Mondejar Gallery, Zürich) Julia and Andreas continued exploring the field of art and photography. They are fascinated by the possibilities when combining photographs with various materials and technics to create unique art objects. This special process that they invented is what they call OVERPOWERED PHOTOGRAPHY.

Always inspired by beauty, for them, it was the perfect medium to express their diverse interests and ideas in a creative process. The artist duo sees themselves as modern storytellers. Sometimes with a winking eye or an ironic sense of humour, they choose from socio-critical topics to pop culture and everything in between. Grunz-Gemperle work is easily recognizable in its vibrant colours, eye-catching strong images which are very sexy but always with style. These are a series of photographs according to the chosen topic where their professions as stylist, make–up artist (Julia) and photographer (Andreas) completely pay off. After carefully selecting and extensive editing, the images are printed on various materials and further ″overpowered″ by up to 5 layers of different mediums and objects, bringing the original photograph to a new level.

Although highly polished their work is meaningful, fun and lures you to stop and look beneath the glossy surface. It explores certain ambiguity.